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  1. Who is Compassion UK?
  2. Is it suitable for young children?
  3. Is it wheelchair accessible?
  4. How much does the Experience cost?
  5. Will I be asked for money?
  6. How many guests can go through the tour at one time?
  7. Do we need to bring our own devices and/or headphones?
  8. Is this just for Christians?
  9. Can I volunteer to help at an event?
  10. How can I get the Compassion Experience to my area?

Who is Compassion UK?

Compassion is an Christian international holistic child development organisation. Through our Child Sponsorship Programme, more than 2 million children are currently being released from poverty. With over six decades of experience, Compassion’s unique approach to solving poverty works: research proves it.

Our approach is a personal one. Working in partnership with the local church, we link a child living in poverty with a loving sponsor, like you. Each sponsor gives their child access to education, health checks and the care of a local church-based Compassion project. There's no quick fix to global poverty, but through our programmes, children's lives are being changed. We're impacting families, communities and whole nations.

Our focus is one child at a time. Our church partners across the world find the poorest children in their communities and register them into our programme, regardless of their faith or background. We then link each child with one sponsor who begins to make an incredible difference through their letters and donations.

Find out more about our work, and how to sponsor a child today, at

Is it suitable for young children?

The experience is designed for all ages. Even though it is impactful for adults, it is not too intense for small children. It was built with the whole family in mind and anyone old enough to wear headphones will benefit from the story.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Sameson's story is completely wheelchair accessible. There is a lift on-site and our staff are ready to assist to enter the trailer. Once inside, the doorways are regulation-width and there are ramps where needed. We also have a wheelchair available on site if this would be helpful for anyone with limited mobility.

How much does the Experience cost?

The experience is totally free!

Will I be asked for money?

Compassion is an international Christian child development organisation. The Compassion Experience brings to life the journeys of two children, whose lives were transformed through Compassion's child sponsorship programme when they were sponsored many years ago.

At the end of your journey through the Experience, you and your family will meet some of the children currently waiting for someone to sponsor them. It costs just 92p a day to sponsor a child through Compassion UK. To find out more, visit Sponsoring a child at the end of the Compassion Experience is completely optional. Many visit the Experience to gain a deeper understanding of what life was like for Shamin and Sameson growing up in a poverty context. 

How many guests can go through the tour at one time?

We can accommodate around 25 guests every 20 minutes. The experience is operated on a continuous flow, with 3-5 people sent through the tour every 4 minutes or so. If you have more than 25 guests in your group, we will do our best to arrange consecutive registration times so that no one in your group is waiting too long.

Do we need to bring our own devices and/or headphones?

We will provide everything you need for the full experience. iPods and headsets are distributed for use during the tour.

Is this just for Christians?

Compassion UK is an openly Christian organisation, and each of the children’s true stories will include elements of their faith, as it made a significant impact on their ability to escape poverty. We want all our guests to feel comfortable and welcome, whether they have a faith or no faith, because it’s our goal to increase awareness in each community about the realities of extreme poverty and the difference we all have the opportunity to make.

Can I volunteer to help at an event?

We are always looking for passionate local people to help us run this exciting event. Visit our volunteer page for further details. No prior experience with Compassion is required. On-site training and a free t-shirt are provided, as well as refreshments throughout your volunteering slot. 

How can I get the Compassion Experience to my area?

We would love to talk to you about opportunities to partner with Compassion! We are always looking for new opportunities to share the Experience with others. Go to the Host an event page for further information.