Compassion Experience comes to Ireland

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We're really excited to announce that the Compassion Experience is heading to Dublin on 5-6 April.

We'll be there at the CCI National Conference at the Helix Centre, which is part of Dublin City University in Whitehall, Dublin 9.

You don't need to be attending the CCI National Conference to visit the Compassion Experience. There's no booking in advance for this event, just turn up at any time between 11.15am and 6.30pm each day. 

As always, the Compassion Experience is very family friendly and completely free of charge.  

What's the experience like?

The Compassion Experience is a unique journey into the lives of children living in poverty. Step inside the real stories of two Compassion-supported children, Shamim and Sameson, as they journey from poverty to hope.

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Discover Another Culture:
No Passport Required

After years of empowering children in impoverished areas around the world, Compassion has lovingly recreated the stories of redemption for you to experience in your own neighbourhood.

Everything in the Compassion Experience is authentic and interactive - from the way a room is built with straw and clay, to the furniture and toys. Touch, smell, feel and hear as you immerse yourself in the stories of two Compassion-sponsored children as they are released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

  • Be immersed in another culture without leaving your own home town.
  • Walk in the shoes of two children from different parts of the world as they navigate a journey from poverty to redemption, all in the name of Jesus.
  • Understand the power of Christ’s love, and the impact of reaching our neighbours from afar, through an unforgettable interactive experience.
  • Do more than just watch a video; you’ll be encouraged to touch the materials that the rooms are built out of, pick up and play with the toys, and much more.
  • Connect with other families as they also encounter the Compassion Experience.  

Experience Another World Without Leaving Yours!

Compassion Experience at CCI National Conference

Dates: Thursday 5 April - Friday 6 April
Times: 11.15am - 6:30pm each day. 
Location: The Helix, Dublin City University, Collins Avenue, Whitehall, Dublin 9
No advance booking: Just turn up on the day

We look forward to seeing you there and giving you and your family a warm welcome.